I regularly check long-form articles, including legally sensitive ones, for The Atlantic’s website and print magazine. To do so, I often confirm story details with different sources, assess scholarly research from various academic disciplines, and inspect court documents. I have been the sole checker for every episode of both seasons of the podcast, “How To.” I also check every installment of Arthur C. Brooks’s column, “How to Build a Life.”

Additionally, I frequently fact-check articles for The AppealBolts, and Rest of World, and I have fact-checked for Texas Monthly, The Intercept, and Foreign Affairs

In 2022, I worked as a checker for Burkhard Bilger, a staff writer at The New Yorker, who is publishing Fatherland, a book about his grandfather’s experience in Alsace during World War II.

In 2020, I checked the interstitial material for The Atlantic’s book, The American Crisis. This involved checking the introductions to each of the 39 essays in the collection, as well as its prologue and epilogue.

Some articles I fact-checked include:

“Edgar Allan Poe’s Other Obsession”
by Daniel Engber

“The Tyranny of the Female-Orgasm Industrial Complex”
by Katharine Smyth

“Human History Gets a Rewrite”
by William Deresiewicz

“The 3 Weeks That Changed Everything”
by James Fallows

“How the Coronavirus Became an American Catastrophe”
by Alexis C. Madrigal and Robinson Meyer

“When a Family Separation Becomes Permanent”
by Chris Outcalt

“American Caudillo”
by Luis Alberto Urrea

“How Science Beat the Virus”
by Ed Yong

“The New Reconstruction”
by Adam Serwer

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